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moby dick

the year is 4699 a young adventurer on a desperate mission sets off to find caotain ahad and his crew of outlaw whale hunters for only ahad can save his home planet from the most horrific beast know to the universe , moby dick but well he even be able to locate the fugitive captain and his elusive crew? and if he does manage to find them . will he pass muster with the thoughest crew of whale hunters know in space ?, will ahad agree to risk it all for one more shot at the great white whale?. the future of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance as space-faring whales and the most eccentic whale hunters ever envisioned square off in Hakugel:Legend of the mobey dick .. in this show there are 26 episolde and it a great anime to watch it better then the first moby dick story and if you seen it then add pictures and informazing about it but if you dont about it then learn it ok you can even add histroy about it ok