Raven 10

raven the doll .


someone fine my will and that means am dead .

To my dear family and friends as I get older life stared to change but if I die at a young age then this is my will . for Alex I give her my ball collecting . .to my mother I give her raven so it will help her with her anger and am hopeing that she will keep it safe for the next grottolo girl .;

.for john buck I give him my novels so he could read them .

4 Doreen I give her my home made dolls so that she could give them homes .and to Aaron I give him my photo book so he will always remember me . for Jessie I well give her my ghost books so she would learn to believe in ghost .to my father I give him all of my soundtracks. For my aunt rose I give her my quiet And I give my toy business to Sarah buck , she will be my air Now I know that you all love me but it time we much respect are way of Life as we grow old we are forgotting but I know that the Next generation of grottolo will live on a poetry once said. Goodbye is to see you fairway is like the end but in my heart will last well always be together .and as I write this will I know that I will always be remember in my family and that all I have to say